After Care

The advanced combination of body treatments designed to maintain the beauty of the body on a daily basis.

Creams which respond to any need your skin may have. Restructuring active ingredients to help get a moisturized, rejuvenated, reaffirmed skin and a sculpted silhouette.

Creamy textures yet easily absorbed to help take care of your body more easily and effectively.

Casmara Anti-Stretch Marks
Stretch mark repair.

A treatment and preventive cream with a pleasant texture. Made by mixing appropriate oils with active repairing ingredients.
Casmara Body Moisturizing
Body cosmetics with a “long lasting” effect.

Body cream with carrot oil base, with lots of beta carotene precursor of vitamin A. This vitamin in the skin is vital to prevent excessive keratinization (rough skin with the formation of scale) of the tissues. It also prevents dryness and hyperpigmentation (age spots). Use on all skin types.

Unisex formula, for any age and season.
Casmara Body Sculptor
Intensive Liporeducing and firming cream; 3 in 1!

It reduces localized fat deposits, visibly eliminating orange peel skin (avoiding its appearance) and reaffirming the skin.

The formula combines reductive, draining and firming active ingredients which work in synergy improving the combined affects.

Treat any kind of issues of the fatty tissue. They act at all levels of the process of body fat accumulation at the same time that tone and fir the area treated.
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